Pouf Goéland - Maria Pergay for FENDI
Stainless steel and natural fox fur

Metamorphosis/ Maria Pergay for Fendi

For the 2013 edition of Design Miami/, FENDI presents Metamorphosis an installation derived from its ongoing collaboration with Maria Pergay. The presentation includes a distinguished and iconic environment with a series of exceptional pieces imagined by the designer.

Pergay humorously and skillfully combines warm and cold; fur and stainless steel; her universe with that of FENDI. This partnership highlights values which FENDI and Pergay share, such as excellence, boundless creativity, mastery of materials, savoir-faire, beautiful craftsmanship and a real passion and devotion to artisanship.

The idea behind the partnership is to highlight the bond between leather and fur workmanship, iconic FENDI materials and Pergay’s stainless steel designs. Pergay offers an interpretation of time passing and metamorphosis. Besides her technical performance, the designer evokes something much more subtle, which can be perceived in her creations – a fervor for life in a delicious revolt. Since her debut, there has been a sense of peace and rebellion, of power and serenity, alongside a distinctive sense of humour, fantasy and the refusal to adhere to any stereotype. Her work also reveals a magnificent tribute to the natural world demonstrated through her use of furs created at FENDI’s Fur Atelier in Rome.

Pergay also enjoys playing with trompe l’oeil effects and has commissioned special pelts inspired by marquetry and inlaid with different materials, paying tribute to what FENDI has designed, revisited and reinterpreted with extraordinary furs over the decades.

Fendi’s commitment to experimentation is deeply routed in the company’s culture. A proud partner of Design Miami/ since 2008, Fendi has been actively supporting contemporary design and craftsmanship through various creative collaborations with designers Aranda\Lasch, Moritz Waldemeyer, Elisa Strozyk, Formafantasma, Nacho Carbonell, Simon Hasan, Peter Marigold and Kwangho Lee, among others.