Phare No. 1-9

Perrier-Jouët presents Phare nº. 1–9 by Simon Heijdens

In celebration of beauty and infusing art into everyday life, Perrier-Jouët invited Simon Heijdens to create this year’s Experience.

At the occasion of Design Miami/ 2013, Heijdens has created a unique experiential installation that reinterprets Art Nouveau, propelling it into the twenty-first century.

As Art Nouveau saw Jules Chéret introduce the printed poster, and Louis Lumiére create moving pictures, Heijdens now presents a new medium of expression that echoes the period’s temperament of aesthetic innovation.

Reflecting on Perrier Jouët’s own material essence, the work explores water as a dimensional volume, a translucent refracting medium for light, and finds a completely new way of drawing and building up images. A constantly evolving story grows within the water and is illuminated to fully immerse the space in pattern. The totally white environment that hosts this enchanting experience becomes the screen upon which one can both walk around and walk inside the narrative to experience it from different perspectives.

Simon Heijdens’ works merge the allegorical and the tangible and explore the concept of coincidence to trace and reveal the hidden essence of the spaces and objects that surround us in everyday life. Founded in Rotterdam in 2002, his studio has been based in London since 2005.

Simon Heijdens (b.1978. Breda, The Netherlands)