Lamp With Shelf/ Marc Baroud & Marc Dibeh, 2013
Steel, aluminum, oiled walnut / tba cm
Courtesy of Art Factum Gallery

ArtFactum Gallery/ Presenting Marc Baroud & Marc Dibeh

Art Factum Gallery is a fresh space devoted to presenting all forms of contemporary art and design. Founded in 2011, the gallery is located in Beirut’s industrial Quarantine District, and exists as the renovated product of an old steel factory.

When dealing with contemporary art, and as an establishment that focuses on bringing in international artists to the cultural scene of Beirut, Art Factum Gallery manages to emphasize its presence and project it forward by applying to several international art fairs and events, while retaining a tight bond with several international galleries and institutions. That, along with collaborating with local cultural organizations and personnel, insures the subsequent spreading of the artistic message to the masses - one of the gallery’s main motives. As for the design scene, with the country’s artistic spotlight having slightly shifted into the more utilitarian and three-dimensional aspect of art forms and products, Art Factum Gallery chooses to mostly endorse local designers. The gallery’s specific annual design show serves to introduce new talents or propagate designers that have already launched their careers, all in all serving to emphasize the importance of contemporary Lebanese design. The designers and the gallery gravitates to using local materials and crafts for the production of the design work.

Art Factum Gallery represents and supports several international and local artists and designers in the Middle Eastern region.

Contact / Joy Mardini
Address/ Rehban street, Alley 204, Building 13, Medawar District, Quarantine, PO box 166271, Beirut
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