Chromointerférence/ Carlos Cruz-Diez, 2013
18 kt yellow gold, impresac acrylic with UV pigment / ø6 cm

Elisabetta Cipriani/ Presenting Carlos Cruz-Diez

Elisabetta Cipriani – Jewellery by Contemporary Artists is an invite to the most innovative and challenging living international sculptors and painters to create wearable sculptures with the use of precious metals and stones. It is the first time that these artists have approached jewellery establishing parallels with their artistic disciplines and poetics.

Carlos Cruz-Diez is internationally considered a master living artist of our time for his contributions to the theory and practice of color. Most recently in April 2012, he inaugurated a monumental artwork of architectural integration, consisting of walkways for the Miami Marlins ballpark.

For the Design On/Site program, Carlos Cruz-Diez strongly intervenes with the presentation of eleven pieces of jewelry, four of which were realized for the occasion of the fair and an op wall sticker specifically thought and designed for the booth. The focus of this representation is on color, line and the viewer’s perception.

The jewelry pieces presented, will be three bracelets, two necklaces, two rings and four rare brooches that the artist had hand made in the 1970s for his family and friends. These pieces gather two types of self-defined op art categories: Physichoromies and Choromointerferences. All of his color-based experiments focus on variations of the observer’s position in relation to the work, the light directed at the work, and the relationship between the colors presented.

The new pieces are made in 18kt yellow and white gold and realized in a limited edition of five to ten pieces. Since 2009 the gallery has collaborated with: Atelier van Lieshout, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Enrico Castellani, Giorgio Vigna, Giuseppe Penone, Ilya & Emilia Kabakov, Jannis Kounellis, Kendell Geers, Massimiliano Fuksas & Mimmo Paladino, Rebecca Horn, Tatsuo Miyajima, Tom Sachs, Wim Delvoye and Erwin Wurm.

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