Swarovski Crystal Palace

Swarovski Crystal Palace, an experimental design platform, has been a Main Sponsor of Design Miami/ since 2008 as part of its mission to promote talent in the worlds of art, architecture, design and technology, while redefining the use of crystal as a material for expression.

Now in its eleventh year, Swarovski Crystal Palace pushes the boundaries of lighting and design, challenging leading designers across the globe including Ron Arad, Zaha Hadid, Tom Dixon, John Pawson, Ross Lovegrove, Tokujin Yoshioka, Tord Boontje, Arik Levy, Yves Béhar and Gaetano Pesce to reinterpret the tradition of a crystal chandelier in any way they choose. While some designers have chosen to stay within the field of light, others have been inspired to expand the brief to encompass conceptual, poetic, magical and metaphorical solutions. This brief has resulted in a spectacular body of work which provides a snapshot of the most exciting and creative minds of the first decade of the 21st century.

Design Miami/ 2012: PARHELIA by Asif Khan, designed in collaboration with Swarovski Crystal Palace, explored the relationship between the refractive qualities of crystal, light, nature and architecture. Inspired by the optical properties of water particles in the sky, which form ice crystals, Khan recreated the illusion of the ‘ice halo’ phenomenon in the sub-tropical climate of Miami Beach. PARHELIA incorporated over 1 million Swarovski crystals in an architectural structure nearly 20 feet high and featured crystallized halos that appeared to move about the exhibition space.

Design Miami/ Basel 2012: Beta showcased designer Eyal Burstein’s exploration of the relationship between client and designer, reflecting the eclectic relationships Swarovski Crystal Palace has developed with material and manufacturing experts in order to innovate and experiment with the medium of crystal. The collection includes a Plexiglas bench and three cast-concrete and metal chairs. All pieces – part handmade art and part machine produced design – are influenced by the shape of classic Swarovski Chaton-cut crystals.

Design Miami/ 2011: Erwin Redl and Swarovski Crystal Palace present “Crystal Matrix II”, a dramatic installation incorporating multi-coloured LEDs, sound and crystals to create a multisensory experience.

Design Miami/ Basel 2011: Fredrikson Stallard and Swarovski Crystal Palace create a stunning new collection, entitled “Iris”. A collection of four half-spheres combining Swarovski crystal and different metal treatments, from gold leaf to corten, Iris dramatically embodies the allure of the human eye.

Design Miami/ 2010: London art and design talent Troika and Swarovski Crystal Palace launch “Falling Light”, a multisensory installation combining LED lights with a pure, custom-cut crystal lens to create halos of light which rhythmically radiate outwardly upon hitting the gallery floor.

Design Miami/ 2009: Greg Lynn and Swarovski Crystal Palace showcase “Carbon Crystal Sails”. Using cutting edge technology, Lynn creates three suspended billowing sails with crystal incorporated into the fibres to achieve a delicately transparent and luminous effect.

Design Miami/ 2008: Ross Lovegrove and Swarovski Crystal Palace unveil “Liquid Space”. Returning to the theme of the reinvented chandelier, Liquid Space combines the natural world and technology to create a dramatically tapering funnel of crystal that appears to pour from the ceiling onto four interlocking mirror-polished aluminum tables below.